It’s ok to have fun ……


  It is important to remember, that it is OK to have fun, or be a big goofass, even tough you are grieving. I have become much more sarcastic after several loss in our family,

It’s ok to have fun ……2019-09-12T22:02:53+02:00

She Is Me !


Some days this is me, other days I'm a big happy goofass, laughing all the time ! That's life ! Never be afraid to tell how you feel.... Nobody is happy all the time !

She Is Me !2019-09-12T21:03:47+02:00

Silent Scream ….


Greif is the most loud silence, I ever had to deal with ! it's the kind of silence, that is almost impossible to describe. But if you have tried it, YOU know what I mean

Silent Scream ….2019-09-12T20:54:57+02:00

Just be YOU !


I wish people would be less fake, and more true to themselves! Not only in grief, but there is a tendency that instead of being honest, it is easier to become something you are NOT

Just be YOU !2019-09-12T20:51:55+02:00

Sorgerok Bryd tabuet !


I owe MY grief journey, don't tell me how to feel! Got this beautiful necklace from Lethal Disease, taboo breaking. I love it ! BRYDTABUET#SORGEROK!

Sorgerok Bryd tabuet !2019-09-12T19:47:34+02:00



  S O M E T I M E S.........MOST TIMES It always comes in waves - one minute sad, and the next ok tho But from time to time, it just gets to much,

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