Happy Birthday Brother In Heaven..


Tillykke med fødselsdagen, brormand ♡ Åh ja, i dag har vores bror fødselsdag. Det er endnu en mindedag, jeg ikke bryder mig om. Jeg ville ønske, at jeg kunne ringe, og sige tillykke. Jeg ville

Happy Birthday Brother In Heaven..2019-09-12T23:39:28+02:00

Your Loss Is Loss !


I totally agree on this ! Stop saying that everything happens for a reason ! NO not always, sometimes there can be no reason! Sometimes life just sucks BIG TIME ! I need to grieve

Your Loss Is Loss !2019-09-12T23:04:33+02:00

It’s ok to have fun ……


  It is important to remember, that it is OK to have fun, or be a big goofass, even tough you are grieving. I have become much more sarcastic after several loss in our family,

It’s ok to have fun ……2019-09-12T22:02:53+02:00

She Is Me !


Some days this is me, other days I'm a big happy goofass, laughing all the time ! That's life ! Never be afraid to tell how you feel.... Nobody is happy all the time !

She Is Me !2019-09-12T21:03:47+02:00

Silent Scream ….


Greif is the most loud silence, I ever had to deal with ! it's the kind of silence, that is almost impossible to describe. But if you have tried it, YOU know what I mean

Silent Scream ….2019-09-12T20:54:57+02:00

Just be YOU !


I wish people would be less fake, and more true to themselves! Not only in grief, but there is a tendency that instead of being honest, it is easier to become something you are NOT

Just be YOU !2019-09-12T20:51:55+02:00

Glimmer Of Hope…


Sometimes when we grieve, we cannot see how we can ever survive this pain ! Despite that, we do survive - even though you may not see it, or can’t feel it, there will always

Glimmer Of Hope…2019-09-12T19:53:35+02:00
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