The Pain Remains Forever…..


Det er så sandt. Der sker meget i en familie, når man har oplevet mange sorger. Ingen oplever sorgen, på samme måde. Ingen sørger nødvendigvis, på samme måde. Jeg har, som jeg har skrevet før,

The Pain Remains Forever…..2019-09-28T00:00:22+02:00

It’s ok to have fun ……


  It is important to remember, that it is OK to have fun, or be a big goofass, even tough you are grieving. I have become much more sarcastic after several loss in our family,

It’s ok to have fun ……2019-09-12T22:02:53+02:00

She Is Me !


Some days this is me, other days I'm a big happy goofass, laughing all the time ! That's life ! Never be afraid to tell how you feel.... Nobody is happy all the time !

She Is Me !2019-09-12T21:03:47+02:00



I hate the way, my grief can control my life from time to time ! So i'm trying to find a way, to embrace it.... It's gonna take forever, and that's OK ♡


Glimmer Of Hope…


Sometimes when we grieve, we cannot see how we can ever survive this pain ! Despite that, we do survive - even though you may not see it, or can’t feel it, there will always

Glimmer Of Hope…2019-09-12T19:53:35+02:00
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